A portion of Cy-Fair will be sprayed aerially the evening of Aug. 22 in hopes of lowering West Nile Virus activity in Harris County. To date, there have been six human cases of West Nile reported in the county this year.

In Harris County, West Nile has been found in more than 300 mosquito samples and 100 dead birds, according to the Harris County Office of Public Health and Environmental Services.

"Harris County is experiencing an increase of West Nile Virus infection in mosquitoes and, most notably, in the dead bird population," said Rudy Bueno, director of HCPHES Mosquito Control. "This situation has prompted the need to supplement the ongoing countywide ground treatment with aerial treatment in the designated areas to better protect the health of our residents."

West Nile activity is not limited to the Houston area, as hundreds of human cases of the mosquito-borne disease have been reported around Dallas–Fort Worth this year.

Traditionally, July through September is the main timeframe that West Nile is transmitted to humans in Harris County, according to the HCPHES. ZIP codes that will receive the aerial spray include: 77070, 77065 and portions of 77375, 77429, 77095, 77041, 77040, 77064 and 77379. Those concerned about exposure during the spray are urged to stay indoors while it is conducted, according to HCPHES.

Tips for mosquito-proofing a home

Remove or empty all outside containers that may hold water such as flowerpots, tires and toys

Birdbaths and pet water bowls should be changed at least twice a week

Clean out gutters and make sure windows and doors have proper screening

Sweep up lawn clippings, leaves and tree limbs from sidewalks and dispose of them properly

Source: Harris County Office of Public Health and Environmental Services