Consignment shop keeps it in the family

Delicate figurines, a pair of Edward Wormley chairs, a fur-topped footstool, a Jack Vettriano print, and a cat decked out in fake nails and an antique necklace who answers to Walkie Talkie — customers can find them all at Kiss It Good Buy. The 10-year-old furniture consignment shop on North Main Street in Grapevine was started by Lisa Crafton and one of her friends. Now with 5,000 consignors, the store has taken on a life of its own under the direction of Lisa and her daughter, Chelsea.

Chelsea Crafton majored in drawing and painting at college, but watching her mother start Kiss It inspired a minor in home furnishings merchandising.

"I took a history of furniture class and that did it for me," she said. "I feel like whether I'm painting something or putting something together here, it is all the same creative process."

When her mother's business partner struck out on her own, Chelsea Crafton proposed coming on full time with her newly learned skills.

"We didn't know how well we'd work together, but it worked out real well," Lisa Crafton said. "We just really complement each other."

Lisa Crafton takes on much of the business side of Kiss It, tackling the books and handling all the small details of running a business, while Chelsea Crafton handles the look of the store, organizing consignments to highlight their eclectic offerings.

"A lot of consignment shops in this area take strictly furniture of one style or type, but I like vintage, I like modern, I like traditional, I like to mix it all up," Chelsea Crafton said.

When the store first opened in about 3,000 square feet, consignments were mostly furniture and a few accessories. Those product constraints did not last long, though. The Craftons recall the first time a handbag came into the store, and from there, inventory grew. Now they offer furniture, art, vases, lamps and chandeliers, vintage jewelry, collectible figurines, select purses and clothing, and more, priced from as low as $4 to as high as $10,000, and they fill a 6,000-square-foot space to the brim.

"I bet we could double this space and not blink an eye, but we can't seem to talk anybody out of leaving or moving over," Lisa Crafton said, laughing.

The oddest thing the pair has ever consigned was a South African Beetle, Chelsea Crafton said, but their proximity to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport means it's not uncommon to find pieces from all over the world in their shop.

"That's the best thing about this business, is the people that you meet — and seeing the things that come in," Lisa Crafton said.

Kiss It Good Buy, 150 N. Main St. Grapevine, 817-481-9754,