Beyond the coronavirus pandemic, there was so much to cover in New Braunfels this year. Here is a look at all the New Braunfels nonprofits Community Impact Newspaper featured in 2020.

Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas

When schools transitioned to remote learning in March and stay-at-home orders were implemented, experts and professionals in the field reported drops in child abuse reports, as students were no longer in regular contact with teachers and other trusted adults.

Light Works 316 Inc.

Abbie Maberry, who also began the Facebook group Moms of New Braunfels, created the nonprofit in 2018 with the goal of raising money to give families opportunities to spend time together without a financial burden.

Handspun Hope

Founded in 2007, the Christian nonprofit was originally known as True Vineyard Ministries and was created to provide employment opportunities for survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Rock Haus Foundation

Founded in 2016, the Rock Haus Foundation was established to support the work of the Comal County Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities Center and provide additional services to community members with disabilities.

Room Redux

Children who experience abuse and other forms of trauma often receive critical counseling and support from social services but continue to live in environments tied to their past experiences, according to Susie Vybiral, founder and CEO of Room Redux.

Volunteers in Medicine

Oakwood Church established Volunteers in Medicine, or VIM, in 2008 as part of New Braunfels Christian Ministries to meet the medical needs of local adults that lack health care coverage.

New Braunfels nonprofits unite to serve the community

The McKenna Foundation—along with several other service organizations—created the Comal Emergency Relief Fund and the Multi-Agency Resource Center.

River City Advocacy

There is a growing demand for mental health care in New Braunfels, and nonprofit counseling center River City Advocacy is seeking support from members of the community as it aims to build a larger facility that can meet the needs of its growing clientele.

Resources for local homeless are expanding

The Winter Shelter at 109 Rosa Parks Drive has sheltered about 65 people since opening Dec. 28 and will continue operating until Feb. 25. The shelter provides a safe place to sleep during winter months but also provides key insights into the local homeless population’s growing needs.

Volunteer guide

Help out the New Braunfels community throughout the year by volunteering with local nonprofit groups. New Braunfels residents can also visit, an online portal created by local pastors to connect those in need with resources and volunteers.