The city of New Braunfels unanimously approved several amendments to the Mayfair Development Master Framework Plan and Design Control Documents, or DDCD, Dec. 11.

In a nutshell

The amendments for the DDCD add land use criteria for the light residential segment of Mayfair and define the particular uses that will be allowed for the light industrial category.

Changes to Mayfair's Development Master Framework Plan include removal of 4.5 acres due to Texas Department of Transportation right of way needs, revision of parcels previously designated as mixed-use density residential to neighborhood commercial and the revision of 3.74 acres from recreation center to neighborhood commercial.

Offering input

Council member Lawrence Spradley noted that individuals opposing the Mayfair development cited a need for more schools and recreational areas.

Todd Blackmon, vice president at Pape-Dawson Engineers, a New Braunfels-based civil engineering company, spoke on behalf of the applicant and said the changes made relative to the schools were to reflect the desires of the Comal Independent School District.

“Originally, they had planned for a high school and a middle school both on one tract," Blackmon said. "The school district made the decision not to place a high school on the property and then the other school located on this tract was a middle school and they elected to locate it next to the elementary school site.”

Blackmon said the Mayfair development team matched the district’s requirements and desires by relocating the schools, and instead of the original school tract, made a combination of mixed-use and resident uses.

“All of those changes are, No. 1, consistent with the school district’s desire and No. 2, still consistent with the development agreement and the framework plan intent,” Blackmon said.