Updated 7:25 a.m. March 6

Unofficial results show Jacqueline "Jackie" Ott finishing out the night with 31.41% of votes, and Dustin Engelke ending with 26.41% of votes.

With neither candidate reaching above 50% of total votes, they will move to a runoff election on May 28.

James B. Ransdell ended the night with 13.12% of votes, Clint Taft with 14.81% of votes and Bryan Underwood with 14.25% of votes.

All results are unofficial until canvassed.

Posted 7:55 p.m. March 5

Early vote totals from Guadalupe County show Jacqueline "Jackie" Ott leading with 1,092 early votes for the Republican Party Precinct 1 commissioner race.

The details

Ott ran against four other Republican candidates for the open seat including Dustin Engelke, who received 1,009 early votes, while Bryan Underwood received 501 votes, James B Ransdell received 474 votes and Clint Taft received 447 votes.

Nahomie Alanis was the only Democratic candidate on the ballot for the commissioner Precinct 1, meaning she will run against the top vote-getter from the Republican Party in November.

In the Republican precinct 3 constable race, incumbent Jeff Large leads early totals with 1,914 votes. Jim O. Wolverton, II received 803 early votes.

In the Republican precinct 4 constable race, incumbent Harvey Faulkner leads early totals with 1,569 votes. J.C. Batey received 634 early votes.

The constable races did not have Democratic candidates on the ballot, meaning the top vote-getter of the Republican primaries will run uncontested in November.

What’s next?

This article will be updated as more election day vote totals are released. All results are unofficial until canvassed.

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