Guidance from the state along with feedback from the District Educational Improvement Council, staff and stakeholders is helping shape the 2024-25 academic calendar in Comal ISD.

The proposed calendars are based on multiple guidelines that are trying to be met, including not starting school on a Monday, having a full-week break for Thanksgiving and having the last day of school before Memorial Day.

“I think both calendars A and C are very reasonable, and they will be appreciated,” trustee Courtney Biasatti said.

The framework

Surveys to receive additional feedback on the two options were also given to DEIC committee members, principals and parents. Calendar B was ruled out based on responses the committee received. Some of the participants' feedback was that the school year started too early, they did not like the placement of spring break in the third week of March, and they were not fans of parent-teacher conferences scheduled in the middle of the week.

The newest version of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness has also been moved up to take place almost a month earlier than in previous years, according to CISD officials.

“We've lost almost a month in our curriculum to truly spend time with kids and teach them and differentiate and intervene and enrich,” said Stacy Wilkie, Oak Creek Elementary School Principal.

What's next?

CISD Superintendent John E. Chapman III said the board of trustees will continue to discuss the next school year’s academic calendar at future meetings.

“We may come up with a new calendar for Jan. 25 [at the next school board meeting]; that could be the possibility,” Chapman said. “But the one thing that I want us to really think about is, 'What are we here for,' and it's the sake of kids and education.”