Howard Payne University has relocated within New Braunfels. The new space features classrooms, a computer lab, a conference room and a seating area. The university also shares a building with the new second location of Kora Kora Coffee and the Veramendi Welcome Center.

Cynthia Ferguson, assistant vice president for the HPU New Braunfels Center, said the Christian university also offers Bible study and has aspirations for residents to see the location as a community center that provides educational and spiritual services.

“We're going to be the consistent local entity that provides information that's relative to [students] in terms of higher education,” Ferguson said.

University officials hope to provide more services to the community in the new space by offering an expansion in dual credit, career advancement courses, personal development classes and public wellness classes.

“We're always sensitive to the emerging professions and the emerging skill needs of the working community,” Ferguson said. “And so we're always looking towards what we call emerging degrees.”

HPU President Cory Hines said staff are looking forward to utilizing the new space to host special interest clubs and scale up the academic programing offered to meet the needs of the community.

“We're here today making a commitment, not to just the space, not to just the students, but also to the community at large saying, 'We're here.' We exist to serve, and we exist to serve students,” Hines said.

Hines also said HPU officials are looking forward to providing Christ-centered dual credit classes at the new location.

“We're here because we believe that the students that live in his community need a Christian approach to higher education,” Hines said.