From Feb. 25-28, sixth-grade students from Pieper Ranch Middle School raised $8,500 in partnership with the nonprofit organization WHOlives to pay for the construction of a well for a school in Rwanda.

According to a press release from the school district, the students’ goal was to raise $5,000 during “Water Week" to pay for the construction of one well.

Before the fundraising week, the teaching team incorporated lessons about water and water use into their lessons to provide students with a better understanding of how they use water in everyday life, the press release said.

“As a New Tech Network project-based learning campus, we are using authentic, real-world experiences and developing a 21st century school which prepares students with vital skills to be productive citizens in our global economy,” PRMS English teacher Nichole Reid said in the press release.

Students read the book “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Parker; they then calculated their own water usage and wrote persuasive letters to seek donations for the well.

The students hope to raise an additional $1,500 in coming weeks to fund the construction of a second well.