A small blue house on the side of a New Braunfels road is a gathering place for community members in search of some good homemade Tex-Mex.

Jeremie Hernandez and his family opened Butcher Boy Taco House in December 2021. Since then, the restaurant has built its own community of familiar faces.

"We're constantly getting somebody else in here new, and they're referring other customers. ... We couldn't do it without the community support,” Hernandez said.

The backstory

Butcher Boy Taco House began as a meat market under the same name in the 1970s. Hernandez, who grew up in New Braunfels, said he remembers getting food there when he was younger.

“It was good food back then. All we’re doing is kicking it up another notch, taking it to the next level,” Hernandez said.

He bought the building to turn it into something to give back to the part of New Braunfels that raised him.

Butcher Boy Taco House is family-owned, and Hernandez said his sons will take over the business one day.

On the menu

Everything Butcher Boy Taco House serves is homemade, from the menudo and tortillas to the salsa and carne guisada.

Breakfast is served all day, and customers can choose from a variety of breakfast tacos or plates. The lunch menu includes items such as the cheese enchilada plate served with rice and beans. Barbacoa, menudo and tripas are served on weekends.

Hernandez said their specialty is the “Super Taco,” a taco filled with carne guisada, beans and cheese that’s about the size of the plate on which it’s served.

“Our carne guisada’s real good. It’s made like your grandma used to make it with the brown gravy,” Hernandez said.

What’s special about it?

Butcher Boy Taco House prides itself on being family-owned with a close-knit community of customers who show up for the good food. Most of their food is sourced locally as well.

Hernandez said he’s happy with the environment created in Butcher Boy. It’s one he said can’t be replicated at a chain restaurant.

“It feels real good because you don’t get that a lot, and that’s what drives me to do it,” Hernandez said.