After having her third child, Kaylee Horn decided to dedicate her free time to a healthy lifestyle with the ultimate goal to lose weight and compete in a bikini competition. Through her training process, Horn said she saw her mental and physical health improve so much, she was inspired to help other women live healthier lifestyles and opened Inhale Fitness.

“I want to create my own community, my own group. I want to have my own thoughts, be able to be an entrepreneur and create, so that is what drove me to just get my own little spot,” Horn said.

Centered around offering personal training services for women, Horn creates workout and diet plans personalized to the goals of each individual client. She offers online training, has a small gym space at the Sammelplatz shared office space, and will also go to the clients home or meet them at a gym in New Braunfels called American Fitness.

“I want to be a safe space for any woman looking to better their health—mental, physical, whatever it may be,” Horn said. “That's my main goal; I just I want to be a support and accountability [partner] because a lot of us don't have that.”

Inhale Fitness began offering remote training services in 2021 before opening in its first physical location in December. Horn has certifications in personal training, nutrition health and precision health.

“If you are thinking about your health and ready to start, ... the time is right now," Horn said. "So just [reach] out to me and [go] over what your goals are, if you're scared, if they're too overwhelming or you don't know where to start. Just [pick] my brain and start where it feels comfortable first, and then we can dive in once you get comfortable.”