New Braunfels local Kathryn Balmos is opening her third business endeavor in downtown New Braunfels called Heritage Supply.

Balmos described her new boutique as being a little “darker” and a bit “sexier.”

“The vibe is a nod to American classic style,” Balmos said.

Heritage Supply will be focused on denim, cotton, linen and leather clothing items along with books and barware.

Balmos emphasized that it was important to her that there was a focus to keep downtown retail.

“We have big competition around us. We’ve got Boerne, and we’ve got Fredericksburg that have a thriving Main Street, and they have a massive variety of different kinds of retail. They have restaurants, they have bars and multiple different kinds of retail options, and that’s what allows people to go there and stay downtown for a long time. There's a lot of things for them to do—a variety of things—and we kind of struggle with that a little bit downtown," she said.

Balmos said the boutique will also have a champagne and wine bar opening in the shop in 2024.
  • Slated to open mid-November
  • 277 W. San Antonio St., New Braunfels
  • Instagram: hrtgtx