Bennie Bock II, who died in June 2022, opened Mill Street Art Gallery in 2018 with a vision of bringing Texas art to New Braunfels.

The gallery, which is located at 387 W. Mill St. in New Braunfels, was later inherited by his daughter Suzanne Bock Badger.

“This was my dad’s baby,” Suzanne said.

Diving in deeper

According to Suzanne, Bock’s vision was to bring in artists that were mostly Texan artists, but he would allow some Southwestern art, too.

“He’s always had an affinity for art from the Southwestern Texas era, and so he wanted to be very concentrated on regional artists and artists from the state and a few people from out west like New Mexico,” Suzanne said.

Mill Street Art Gallery acquires art for the gallery through consignment deals and purchasing art at auctions. The gallery displays new pieces monthly, featuring mainly bluebonnet and cactus scenes, horses and wildlife.

The gallery also highlights local artists, such as Channe Felton, Linda Rosen and Leigh Ann Irish. Other artists that are featured in the gallery include Bob Seabeck, David Swantner and Andrea Patton.

"We recognize that people in the community love art, and we want to be a fun place for people to come and have a glass of wine and admire beautiful art,” she said.

Suzanne said learning the business of what sells and ways to get foot traffic through the door has been challenging.

“We are not on the main side of downtown, we’re sort of in a heavily trafficked area that is more bar traffic. So trying to navigate well-thought-out promotions as a business owner can be a challenge,” she said.

Quote of note

“Just because my dad has passed away doesn’t mean that his legacy doesn’t continue on. ... We’re very much wanting to continue his legacy,” Suzanne said.

Artists interested in a consignment deal can call or email Mill Street Art Gallery to make an appointment. The gallery also welcomes private parties.

• 387 W. Mill St., New Braunfels