The Chain Link Bicycle Shop opened in December 2011 and has since been a pillar for the New Braunfels cycling community. Shop owner Seana Rousseau carries a couple of notable bike brands, including Specialized, Reid, Sun, Surly and E11even.

The Chain Link also sells bicycle accessories, including helmets, locks, baskets, cycling shoes, parts and more. They also offer a variety of maintenance services and service plans.

The bicycle shop also has Ladies Corner, a monthly bike ride led by women. Although the pandemic put a pause on the activity, Rousseau hopes to start it again soon. Rousseau noted the bike ride is made for women who are curious about cycling to feel more comfortable.

“I’ve had various female employees that were cyclists, and so it’s something for us to do together and strive to open the doors to more women that might feel intimidated by a male cycling community,” she said.

The Chain Link is also an active participant in community events such as the MS 150, Fiasco Wildflower Ride, Livestrong Ride, Tour de Cure, Hill Country Ride for AIDS and more.

The Chain Link has worked with multiple schools in the area to get bike fleets for students through Outride, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving lives through cycling. The nonprofit’s school-based cycling education program—Riding for Focus—uses cycling as a tool to promote physical, emotional and social well-being.

The shop also has hosted weekly group rides since opening.

“We started a group ride every Saturday morning, and it went from like four people to eventually ... about 40 people. The group has kind of taken on its own now,” Rousseau said. “But I think it brings that cycling community together, especially now with everyone moving to town.”

The Chain Link Bicycle Shop

139 N. Castell Ave., Ste. 400, New Braunfels


Hours: Tue.-Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Sun.-Mon.