Hairdressers Craig Cobb and Corbin Shullanberger worked together for nearly two decades before collaborating on a joint venture, The Foundry Salon, which began operations in New Braunfels in September 2016.

Taking its name from a factory that produces castings to create metal shapes, Cobb and Shullanberger emphasize the process that unfolds for the salon’s stylists and clients.

“Our goal is to bring and develop the best experience we can to our team and community,” Cobb said.

As part of their business model, each stylist at The Foundry Salon must complete the Spark Training Program to ensure a seamless brand and quality control.

“It’s about giving a stylist a set of tools they can use to build a really amazing career,” Shullanberger said.

When guests walk into The Foundry Salon, they will notice a timeless, industrial theme complete with custom fixtures and unique pieces of art. During their experience, clients enjoy head, neck and shoulder massages and are offered beverages from the beer, wine and espresso bar.

Building a sense of community through their business is also important to Cobb and Shullanberger, and they said the salon’s setup encourages interaction among stylists and guests.

The salon’s first location was much smaller, and the owners said they saw relationships blossom as a result of the tight space. When they moved to their current location they wanted to keep that aspect, so they incorporated the Color Community Center, a long table that stretches down the center of the salon where all hair color is applied.

“It’s all about bringing people together,” Cobb said, adding that the salon’s environment aims to bring out the best in all who enter “creatively, educationally and personally.”

The Foundry is a no-tipping salon, and haircuts range from $37-$96. The cost of color varies based on each client’s needs. The salon also accommodates bridal parties.

The Foundry Salon is the only salon in Texas with access to hair, skin and body products from Organic Pure Care, a line out of Italy that has recently emerged in the United States. More hair products from R+Co. may be purchased at the salon as well as hair, skin and shaving products from the Baxter men’s line.