With a workout gym called Top Teer Strength and Conditioning connected to patio bar The Weighted Plate, owner and veteran Cody Teer has fostered a community focused on balanced health in New Braunfels.

Teer was inspired to open the business based on his experience being a pilot in the U.S. Air Force for 13 years. While living at Beale Air Force Base in California, Teer began teaching powerlifting classes from his home.

“I put a [weight] rack in my two-car garage. And next thing I knew I had 62 members in my garage,” Teer said. “And so I would come home from work, and there would be 12-15 people hanging out.”

After working out, Teer and his fellow airmen would cook dinner together and have a few beers, which inspired the idea behind his business.

“It was a cool vibe just to be around people that you’re like-minded [with] but also responsibly have a good time,” Teer said.

Teer opened the gym in January 2021, and built the patio and bar himself, which took “a lot of blood, sweat and tears,” he said. It opened in July 2022. With 84% of the members at Top Teer Strength and Conditioning being veterans or first responders, the business has created a community for people to share their experiences in a laid-back and accepting environment. “We’re focused 100% on basically making a place for people to go and feel comfortable and be safe,” he said.

Teer said when people are working out in the gym they are respectful, and take their workouts and powerlifting sets seriously but make sure to do them safely.

Alongside five beers on tap, wine and other beverages, the Weighted Plate has many items on its menu, including meal prep from Gainz Bakery, keto wings, bratwurst and other items. They also feature items from multiple local veteran-owned businesses, including Above Ground Pizza, Pop Smoke Coffee and cigars from Warfighter Tobacco. The business recently partnered with Gruene Harley-Davidson to host bike nights. Teer plans to host powerlifting and other events at his business in the future, and has ambitions to open additional locations in the area.

The gym has weight-lifting and cardio equipment with several options for people of all ages and skill levels to improve their fitness and strength, including a belt squat, reverse hyper machine and hack squat equipment, which is typically used for people with back injuries, Teer said.

“We’re here to help. People are worried that we’re going to be a shot bar, [like] we’re going to do crazy stuff out here. And we’ll have some fun. But we’re here to make people’s quality of life better.”