See how a few local breweries and distilleries from across our coverage area are adapting to the coronavirus outbreak by converting their operations to create hand sanitizer.

Lockwood Distilling Co. answers call from community and turns alcohol into hand sanitizer

Lockwood Distilling Co. in Richardson, Texas, is answering a need in the community by halting the production of spirits and instead turning alcohol into hand sanitizer.

Desert Door distilling produces, donates over 1,200 gallons of hand sanitizer to first responders, residents

Desert Door Texas Sotol owner Ryan Campbell said his staff found a recipe approved by the World Health Organization that was made of ethanol at 80% alcohol content, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and distilled water. Since beginning production in Southwest Austin, the team has been able to make over 1,200 gallons of hand sanitizer.

O.H.S.O. brews up a way to help: hand sanitizer

O.H.S.O. Brewery & Distillery in Gilbert, Arizona, has turned much of its distilling efforts toward a new product: hand sanitizer.

Bellaire-area craft rum distiller Grateful Dane has a new small-batch product: hand sanitizer

Grateful Dane Distilling Co., a Bellaire, Texas-area craft rum distiller, has reconfigured its whole operation to produce hand sanitizer.

Disinfecting supply, cleaning service companies work to help Katy-area businesses, homes sanitize during coronavirus

Because of limited cleaning supplies, MKT Distillery LLC at 5373 First St., Katy, Texas, is helping the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office by making hand sanitizer at its location, according to a Feb. 20 Facebook post.

Cedar Park brewery working to mix 100 gallons of sanitizer for Williamson County

The team at Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. is working to mix 100 gallons of hand and surface sanitizer for Williamson County as the county continues to fight the coronavirus while maintaining key functions.

Makenzie Plusnik, Nick Cicale, Tom Blodgett, Matt Dulin, Jen Para and Ali Linan contributed to this report.