In the coming months, CapMetro is planning to expand its on-demand pickup service in Leander for the fifth time due to increased ridership and a growing demand for additional transportation services in the city.

Zooming in

CapMetro officials said the proposed plan would expand Leander’s existing service zone in the lower southwest portion by 0.64 square miles and will include access to the following destinations:Access to an emergency center was not previously included in Leander’s zone and will be offered for the first time through this expansion, said Andrew Skabowski, executive vice president and chief operating officer at CapMetro, during the May 16 City Council meeting.

If approved, this expansion would serve nearly 4,000 additional residents and include 55 additional trips per day, according to meeting documents.

What officials are saying

“This is going to impact so many people,” Mayor Christine DeLisle said. “There’s just so much in this expansion; it’s so substantial with just a little bit more space on it, and I’m very excited for this.”

Diving in deeper

The pickup program provides localized neighborhood transit within a designated zone through an app, CapMetro leaders said. It costs $1.25 per trip and kids under age 18 ride for free.

Pickup service in Leander has done well over the years and is one of CapMetro’s top performers, Skabowski said. According to CapMetro data, Leander ridership increased by 788% from 2020 to 2023.

Leander riders have requested adding the destinations outlined in the proposed expansion to the service zone, according to CapMetro’s Customer Comment Report.

What to expect

CapMetro will hold a public hearing at its June 12 board committee meeting, said Stephen Dellert, local and regional government affairs coordinator at CapMetro. The board will then consider the service change for approval during its June 24 regular meeting.

Furthermore, CapMetro will conduct community engagement and outreach over the next few months.

If approved, the expansion will go into effect Aug. 18 and will be active on Aug. 19, Dellert said. Hours of operation for Leander pickup services are Monday through Friday from 6 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.