Leander City Council reviewed and provided feedback on the Old Town Master Plan once again after postponing approval on it twice before.

Current situation

Consulting firm Kimley-Horn brought a revised version of the Old Town Master Plan to council for review at the Sept. 7 briefing workshop.

A representative from Kimley-Horn provided updates on errors addressed in the plan previously.

All of the feedback from the July meeting was incorporated into the revised plan, the company representative said. Kimley-Horn made the following corrections:
  • Grammatical and mapping issues
  • Appendix combined into a single document
  • Restructuring to lead with low-cost, high-priority projects, which include a pedestrian bridge, a parking deck, sidewalks and way finding
The representative also said the company conducted an “independent, quality review of the entire document, word for word.”

How we got here

When the plan came to council at the July 20 meeting, it still had outstanding revisions that needed to be made on the document. Mayor Christine DeLisle said the plan had two references for one appendix, mapping and financial-related errors, and links to nonexistent websites.

Prior to the July meeting, it had been postponed in May due to similar mistakes.

What officials are saying

“I think this is more of what we were looking for,” DeLisle said at the Sept. 7 briefing workshop. “We've got the big things; we've got the little things; and this is lovely. I saw a lot of the corrections to the little typos."

However, DeLisle mentioned two concerns she still had with the revised plan:
  • It was mentioned multiple times in the document that the historic character of Old Town should be preserved; however, there were no recommendations for implementation.
  • The company made many references about parking but only mentioned parallel and no angled parking options.
What now

The revised version of the Old Town Master Plan was not considered for approval, only for review. It will come back to council for approval Sept. 21.