After postponing the approval on the final draft of the Old Town Master Plan in May due to missing elements in the documents, Leander City Council has decided, once again, to bring the item back again at a later date.

What happened

At its July 20 meeting, council decided to postpone the approval of the Old Town Master Plan drafted by consulting firm Kimley-Horn, this time due to outstanding revisions that needed to be made on the document.

Zooming in

Mayor Christine DeLisle said the plan that came to council at the May 18 meeting “wasn’t finished,” and they had hoped for it to be completed when it came back the second time.

Now that the plan has come back to council for a second time, DeLisle said it was still missing key parts.

“Looking at [the plan] now in second reading, I feel like it's still not finished,” she said at the July 20 meeting. “We still don't have the appendices.”

DeLisle went on to list everything wrong with the final draft of the Old Town Master Plan presented to council at the meeting. Her issues with the document includes:
  • Two references to Appendix D. One of them refers to Appendix D as the “parking analysis,” and the other one refers to it as “Old Town Leander online service report.”
  • References to “Leander Elementary School” when it should be “Leander Middle School”
  • Multiple financial-related errors
  • Listed links to outdated or nonexistent websites.
“There are a number of errors that I feel like, for the level of study, should not be there on final passage,” DeLisle said. “I know I'm being picky, but this is taxpayer money—it's a whole lot of money—and we adjusted our budget to pay for this. I'm not comfortable raising my hand with this many errors.”

What’s next?

Council decided to take no action on the Old Town Master Plan, and suggested reviewing the document for approval in September.

Kimley-Horn engineer Jake Gutekunst understood council’s feedback, and he said the revised document will be ready by council’s Sept. 7 meeting.