Liberty Hill ISD officials will begin working with Santa Rita Middle School students to determine a mascot, a logo and colors for Legacy Ranch High School over the coming weeks.

“At the end of the day, I want the kids to decide,” Superintendent Steven Snell said. “I want the kids to bring us something awesome, and then I want to be able to champion that.”

What you need to know

Snell presented a timeline for picking a mascot, a logo and colors for Legacy Ranch High School at a Sept. 18 board of trustees meeting.

The district is opening its second high school campus to incoming ninth grade students from Santa Rita Middle School in fall 2024. Legacy Ranch will operate out of Middle School No. 3 until its official campus opens for the 2026-27 school year.

LHISD will go through through the following process with students—first to decide on a mascot beginning in September and then to select a logo and colors in October, Snell said.
  • Students will receive a presentation from architects working on Legacy Ranch.
  • The district will release a survey to students.
  • Student council will review and narrow down survey results.
  • Student council leaders will present finalists to the board.
  • The district will share results with the community.
The timeline

Around Sept. 25, the district plans to begin surveying students about the future mascot. The survey will allow students to consider a variety of options, such as mascots in the cat family as well as ranch-themed or Texas-related mascots, Snell said.

Student council leaders will present their top mascot suggestions to the board at a meeting either Oct. 2 or 16. The district also plans to hire a new principal by Oct. 2, who will help students select a school logo and colors, he said.

By late October to early November, Snell said students are expected to present their final recommendations for a logo and colors to the board. Once all items are finalized, he said the district will hold a formal ground breaking ceremony for Legacy Ranch where students can sign beams and celebrate the new campus.

Quote of note

“[I] will support whatever mascot, whatever color comes to be,” Place 4 board member Kathy Major said. “What is more important than that is the kids buy into their mascot and their colors just like Liberty Hill High School always has because if you can buy into that, you have a sense of pride, belonging, community and empowerment.”