The Leander ISD board of trustees approved a 4% pay raise for all full-time employees for the 2023-24 school year May 25.

In a nutshell

The recommendation for a 4% across the board raise was approved over a package that would have raised salaries by 3% but would have also include longevity pay plan to give employees an additional $4,000 every five years of continuous employment.

Superintendent Bruce Gearing said in a listening session with employees, LISD workers “by far” preferred a flat 4% raise rather than the alternative.

“That came across very strongly,” he said. “Specifically, they didn’t like some people having to wait the two to four years before they got that longevity incentive.”


The approved compensation plan includes a pay scale adjusted for the level of a teacher’s degree. The new starting salaries for teachers, counselors and residential nurses are:
  • Teacher with bachelor's degree: $55,655
  • Teacher with master's degree: $56,655
  • Teacher with doctorate degree: $57,655
  • Elementary counselor: $63,250
  • Middle school counselor: $67,142
  • Lead middle school counselor: $69,737
  • High school counselor: $67,142
  • Lead high school counselor: $69,737
  • Residential nurse: $58,655
What else?

The total cost to the district for the compensation package is $12.75 million. This comes after the board approved a 5% raise for teachers last year, and a 4% raise for all other eligible staff. The board also authorized Gearing to bring a recommendation of a one-time lump sum retention payment for all eligible employees, depending on what additional funding the district may receive from the state Legislature. In the meantime, the board will decided whether to approve the 2023-24 budget in June.