LCP stock Toll 183A Intersection July 2014 An intersection along Toll 183A in Cedar Park made Houston person injury attorney Brian White's list of one of the most dangerous intersections in Texas.[/caption]

Updated Sept. 12 at 9:30 a.m.

In response to two Cedar Park intersections making a list of the most dangerous in Texas, the city of Cedar Park said it began addressing the problem areas in 2015.

To reduce the number and severity of motorists running red traffic lights, Cedar Park installed double red light indications at RM 1431 and Toll 183A in July 2015 so drivers could better see as they exit the underpass, said Jennie Huerta, Cedar Park media and communications manager. The city also re-sequenced the signal pattern, she said.

Cedar Park also made improvements to Lakeline Boulevard, including repaving the intersection at Whitestone Boulevard and adding an additional northbound left turn lane approaching RM 1431, she said.

"While we have not made any signalization changes, in the coming year we anticipate the left turns from RM 1431 will be converted to flashing yellow arrows," Huerta said. "This would replace the circular green for yielding operation, thus providing a more explicit indication of when drivers should yield vs. when they have a protected left."

Huerta said the intersection at RM 1431 and Lakeline was under construction by the Texas Department of Transportation when some of the data for the list of most dangerous intersections was collected, so construction conditions could have had some effect on the accident rate at that location.

Original article, published Aug. 25

Four Austin intersections and two Cedar Park intersections made a list of most dangerous in Texas, according to Houston personal injury attorney Brian White.

White evaluated collision data from the Texas Department of Transportation from 2012-15. His firm looked through more than 2 million records to find intersection-related accidents and identified 279 intersections in Texas where 40 or more collisions occurred during those four years.

His firm also calculated a "danger score" using the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities at each intersection. The most dangerous intersection was in Houston at Sam Houston Parkway and Bissonnet Street, which had the highest score of 1,124. The intersection saw 335 crashes and 263 injuries throughout the four-year period, though it had no fatalities.

In Cedar Park, the intersection at E. Whitestone Boulevard and Toll 183A made the list with a score of 324. The intersection had 120 crashes and 68 injuries. The intersection of S. Lakeline Boulevard and W. Whitestone Boulevard received a score of 159 and had 54 crashes and 35 injuries. Neither of the two intersections had any fatalities.

The four dangerous intersections in Austin were at Lamar Boulevard and Parmer Lane, with a score of 201 for 56 crashes, 45 injuries and 1 fatality; Riverside Drive and Willow Creek Drive, with a score of 165 for 51 crashes, 38 injuries and zero fatalities; Butler Road and Lamar Boulevard with a score of 168 for 69 crashes, 33 injuries and zero fatalities; and Riverside Drive and South Pleasant Valley Road, which earned a score of 224 with 68 crashes, 52 injuries and zero fatalities.

To help combat some of these dangerous intersections, the city of Austin is making safety improvements to reduce traffic collisions at Lamar and Parmer, Lamar and Rundberg Lane, I-35 and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Cameron Road and US 183, and Slaughter Lane and Manchaca Road.