Track, courts resurfaced at Williamson County regional park

Track, courts resurfaced at Williamson County regional park

In late March, Williamson County finished maintenance on the outdoor running track at Southwest Williamson County Regional Park. More improvement projects are planned for later this year. (via Stephen Burnett/Community Impact Newspaper)

In March renovations were made to the outdoor track and six outdoor basketball courts at Southwest Williamson County Regional Park in Leander.

Starting March 7, crews began resurfacing the track and basketball courts. Randy Bell, director of the Williamson County Parks and Recreation Department, said the work was finished in late March.

“[The track is] at least 14 years old, and we needed to do some work on it because it was starting to develop some pretty severe cracks in the surface,” Bell said. “Some of those cracks were also extending down into the asphalt. … All the edges were coming loose. So essentially what you had was just a solid sheet of rubber that you could pick up on the edges.”

The parks department budgeted $80,610.60 for the track and about $53,000 for the courts. The department has budgeted more funds to remodel four of the park’s eight tennis courts this summer, he said, and could budget more funds to add new buildings to the park.

Bell said staffers are discussing when and how to build a new restroom facility and covered pavilion near Cedar Rock Railroad.

Cedar Rock Railroad owner Ken Knowles said the restroom would benefit families and children who want to stay longer at the attraction, which provides train rides through the park.

“One of the top three things we’re asked by people who come out here is, ‘Where’s the nearest restroom?’” Knowles said. “It’s been a challenge … for moms and dads with little kids.”

Bell said the new restroom building could cost $100,000.

Southwest Williamson County Regional Park opened in 2003. Since then the park has added several features, such as a splash pad, Bell said.

“Every park’s typically always in some phase of development—it’s never like it is when you first open it,” Bell said. “In time you respond to [the park’s]needs.”

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