Safety, education and finance among LISD’s priorities for Legislature


As the start of the 86th Legislative session approaches, Leander ISD’s board of trustees voted 6-0 on a set of legislative priorities for the district Nov. 8.

LISD’s legislative agenda was created by the board of trustees’ legislative committee, and it will lead district administration in drafting legislation, supporting bills that come forward and testifying on behalf of those bills, Superintendent Dan Troxell said.

“There’s going to be a time when one of our major efforts will be simply to have the Legislature do no harm,” Troxell said.

The 86th session is set to begin Jan. 8, according the Legislative Reference Library of Texas.

The district’s priorities were categorized into three sections—safety, education and finance—and included topics such as supporting increased funding for mental health services and safety enhancements for facilities.

A full list of the approved legislative priorities may be found in the document below.

DRAFT: 2019 LISD Legislative Agenda (Text)

Trustee Pam Waggoner was absent from the meeting.

In other news:

The classes under consideration are: Latin V IB; IB Mathematics: Applications & Interpretations; IB Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches; multivariable calculus; a social studies course called An American Experience; and Parenting Education for School Age Parents I-II.

  • The board heard a presentation on how different educational program models work—including academies, magnet schools and charter schools.

LISD’s program advisory committee is researching different educational options such as these for possible consideration. Troxell said this will be a multiyear study.

“I think one of the reasons that we haven’t gone down this path previously is we’ve had the same discussion about [how]variety for its own sake doesn’t really advance education in the district,” trustee Aaron Johnson said. “I think having purpose behind those choices is what’s essential, and so understanding what our community wants is an important element of that, but also understanding what’s going to make a material difference for kids is another important aspect to that.”

After winning their seats on the board of trustees, Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia and Elexis Grimes were in the audience during the meeting Nov. 8. They are expected to take office alongside elected incumbents Johnson and Trish Bode Nov. 29.

  • LISD’s trustees renewed the memorandums of understanding for both the Leander Educational Excellence Foundation and Viper Nation Education Foundation.

The memorandums will now expire Feb. 8 and are intended to acknowledge the obligations of the district and the organizations, according to district documents.

Troxell said conversations to possibly combine the foundations are underway, and the extension of the memorandums will allow more time for options to be discussed in order to reach an agreement between organizations.

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  1. I am glad that they have identified their priorities in favor of funding and control of the educational sphere, I believe that it is very useful for our society. I recently read a blog by Robert H. Frank and realized that now in the educational environment is not so great as we would like

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