Austin-based software company will come to Cedar Park Town Center

Cedar Park will soon see more growth in the area of Town Center as a multichannel cloud call center software business expands into the area.

City Council members unanimously approved the purchase of 3.464 acres of land in the Cedar Park Town Center, as well as a lease of the property by Serenova, which was formerly LiveOps. Serenova is currently located at 7300 RR 2222 in northwest Austin.

“This action allows the city to locate and retain Serenova’s corporate headquarters and software development operations, which will create over 150 jobs in the community with an average salary of $75,000 per job,” said Economic Development Director Phil Brewer. “The project also will facilitate additional job creation, capital investment and generate new sales and property tax revenues for the city.”

The purchase of the land will cost about $1.33 million, and Brewer said it will be completed using an available fund balance from the Economic Development Sales Tax Corporation. The lease is for 50 years at $10 a year.

Brewer said Serenova, through its property development entity, CDPK2017, LP, will build a two-story, 30,000-square-foot office building with a value of at least $4 million. Construction should start no later than June 30, according to the development agreement.

Other future projects in the area include expected restaurants and the site of the future Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce building.