Sidewalks, shared use paths and trail connections are three components of Lakeway's plan for trail connectivity throughout the city.

During a special called meeting May 4, the Lakeway Parks and Recreation Department's Trail Connectivlty Subcommittee laid out a multifaceted plan for several projects that come together to form the city's Trail Connectivity Plan.

The May 4 presentation from the subcommittee constitutes a second round of projects presented to City Council in different phases.

Council voted approve the long-range connectivity plan during the May 4 meeting and also approved a decision to spend $6,780 to hire engineering firm Huitt-Zollars to pinpoint more accurate cost estimates for some of the 39 projects listed in the plan.

Council Member Steve Smith said he would prefer not to spend money from city coffers right now, and Council Member Sanjeev Kumar agreed.

But Council Member Laurie Higginbotham said based on a late April assessment of the city's financial situation, she is comfortable with spending less than $7,000 to get a clearer sense of what the connectivity plan might cost.

Included in the 39 proposed proposed projects for overall trail connectivity within Lakeway are an extension of the sidewalk on Clara Van Street from San Remo Boulevard to RM 620, a recreation path along Clubhouse Drive to Long Wood Avenue, an extension of the sidewalk along the west side of Lakeway Drive that ends at the southern edge of the Fairlake subdivision and widening the recreation trail on Hurst Creek Road to 6 feet.

The plan is discussed in Goal 7 of Lakeway's newly adopted Comprehensive Plan, which states "Lakeway’s many gaps between greenspaces and within the trail system limit citizen use and enjoyment."

Council will bring the Trail Connectivity Plan, which is part of the city's larger capital improvements plan, back for discussion at a later meeting.