Bee Cave on Ice will now be a permanent annual event for the city of Bee Cave after Council unanimously approved a resolution for the ice rink during a March 28 regular council meeting.

Council also approved the use of up to $250,000 in hotel occupancy funds for the 2023-24 Bee Cave on Ice season, which will likely run from November to January, according to city documents.

“Due to the success of Bee Cave on Ice's inaugural year, a resolution was drafted to make the event an annual city event to further develop and improve the event’s notoriety and economic impact on the community,” the city said.

Because this will be an annual event, the city can create a special fund for it, Bee Cave City Manager Clint Garza said.

This action set the tone for moving forward and avoids the city having to reapprove the event each year.

Declaring Bee Cave on Ice an annual event will also allow the city to take advantage of different types of funding, the city said.

“Last year we got donations, but I think the process will be more streamlined,” Garza said.

The 2022 Bee Cave on Ice event brought in 25,000 skaters as well as another 75,000 people who came to the city throughout the event, according to city documents.

The surge in local visitors resulted in economic benefits for Bee Cave and its local businesses, the city said.