West Lake Hills City Council voted to accept street, drainage and water improvements for a new subdivision located at 300 Laurel Valley Road during a Feb. 26 meeting.

The subdivision, Ledgeway East, consists of seven single-family residential lots, with the largest being 4.71 acres, according to city information.

Council approved final plans for the development's 13-acre plat June 26, following approval from the planning and zoning commission. The final plat was approved prior to the developer completing all infrastructure improvements and consequently, a letter of credit was issued to the city.

The letter from developer McCall Builders guaranteed funding to West Lake Hills in the case that all improvements were not completed by the property owner. Roadway, drainage and water improvements have been completed since June, requiring final approval from council.

The improvements were consistent with plans previously approved by council in June. The motion passed unanimously Feb. 26, with Mayor Linda Anthony absent.