West Lake Hills City Council approves 13-acre plat for new subdivision


Developer McCall Builders received final plat approval for a new West Lake Hills subdivision called Ledgeway East.

The 13-acre plat located on 300 Laurel Valley Road will be subdivided into seven single-family residential lots with the smallest being 1.11 acres and the largest being 4.71 acres, according to district information.

The City Council approved the final plat during its June 26 meeting. The Zoning & Planning Commission previously gave its approval.

Access to the subdivision will be through an internal street, Ledgeway Ridge, which is an extension of Ledgeway East.

A complete construction plan approved by the West Lake Hills’ engineer include FEMA floodplain, storm sewer and drainage information.

West Lake Hills community members said they were concerned about the noise pollution during construction, available access routes and existing traffic.

Randy Redfern, a 27-year resident of Laurel Valley Road, made an advanced request that all construction adheres to noise ordinances. His neighbors echoed his concerns.

Mayor Linda Anthony sympathized with residents, saying, “It’s going to be a huge transition. I understand that.” She explained that there will be benefits and that there is an end in sight.

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