Lakeway residents can sign up for free home ignition zone assessments as part of an initiative started by Chris Rea, a wildfire mitigation specialist with Lake Travis Fire Rescue.

One of Rea's primary roles is to make the community more resilient to wildfire, and he encourages every homeowner to participate in an assessment, a press release said.

"As we can see from what is happening in the western United States, especially California, wildfires are getting larger and more damaging to lives and homes," Rea said. "It makes me concerned for folks living in Travis County, which is one of the fastest growing places in the United States with an extreme wildfire risk in many areas. Homeowners need to act now to prepare for the worst."

Preparing for wildfire involves common sense practices that most people just don't think about regularly, Rea said. Little things like cleaning out gutters, screening vents and altering landscapes around homes can make a significant impact on whether or not a home will remain standing after a fire.

Contact Rea for a free wildfire assessment by calling 512-645-5840 or sending an email to [email protected].