Bill requiring separate abortion insurance among those Texas House passed this week


In this week’s Texas Political Roundup: The state’s lawsuit over its new anti-“sanctuary cities” law is no more, but the legal battle over its constitutionality continues.

Plus, state lawmakers advance a measure that would require women to have separate insurance coverage for abortions.

And mail-in ballot fraud would be a felony if a bill that passed the House this week gets the governor’s signature.

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  • A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed the state of Texas’ lawsuit against Travis County and other defendants over the state’s new immigration enforcement law. [Full story]

  • Texas women would have to pay a separate health insurance premium to get coverage for non-emergency abortions — what an opponent dubbed “rape insurance” — under a bill given early approval by the Texas House on Tuesday. [Full story]

  • The Texas House on Wednesday tentatively approved a bill that seeks to crack down on mail-in ballot fraud, one of Greg. Abbott’s priorities. But in doing so, they repealed another law meant to prevent such fraud at nursing homes. [Full story]

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