Georgetown leaders are looking to finalize and adopt the city’s updated Sidewalk Master Plan by the end of year.

Some context

The Sidewalk Master Plan aims to prioritize connectivity in Georgetown’s existing network, focus on filling gaps in areas without sidewalks and supporting projects near schools to provide direct access and create safer routes, according to the city. The proposed plan will be an update to the city’s 2014 Sidewalk Master Plan.

The projects are broken down into four tiers in order of priority:
  • Public schools: sidewalk sections that provide direct access to schools, with a focus of elementary and middle schools
  • Downtown: focuses on completing the downtown sidewalk network
  • Gaps: pinpoints connectivity gaps in the sidewalk network
  • Small capital improvements: projects that do not require complicated design and are less than 200 feet in length
City officials have identified roughly 93 projects totaling $30 million with the gaps tier costing the most at $19.7 million, said Ryan Graves, a Kimley-Horn project team member, at the Oct. 10 City Council workshop.

The top five priority projects out of the 93 include:
  • Olive Street from 15th Street to 17th Street: schools tier, $250,000
  • Vine Street and 19th Street from Hutto Road to Purl Elementary: schools tier, $330,000
  • NE Inner Loop between Forbes Middle School and Hwy. 29: gaps tier, $1.3 million
  • 17th Street from Hutto Road to Vine Street: schools tier, $260,000
  • 20th Street from San Jose Street to Maple Street: schools tier, $135,000
Transportation Manager Lua Saluone said the city will use funding from the 2015 Road Bond and the 2021 Mobility Bond to cover the costs of the projects outlined in the plan. The city will also explore some external funding options through the Texas Department of Transportation and Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

What’s next

City staff will continue to finalize the updated Sidewalk Master Plan through November, Saluone said. In December, the proposed plan will come to council for consideration of approval.