Georgetown officials are looking to make improvements on multiple intersections and roadways throughout the city to improve functionality, manage capacity constraints and address an increase in motor crashes. The following roads and intersections will be undergoing improvements in the coming years.


Hwy. 29
  • Project: Between Wolf Ranch Parkway and the I-35 frontage road, Hwy. 29 will be widened from a four-lane roadway to a six-lane, divided highway with a shared-use path on both sides. The project also includes left- and right-turn lane extensions as needed with signal infrastructure improvements, according to city officials.
  • Timeline: fall 2025-late 2025
  • Cost: $9 million
  • Funding source: Georgetown Transportation Enhancement Corporation
Leander Road
  • Project: This project will widen a 0.69-mile stretch of Leander Road from a two-lane street into a four-lane major roadway with sidewalks on both sides of the road and a grass median. The project boundary spans from East Norwood Drive to Southwest Bypass.
  • Update: Roughly 30% of design on this project has already been completed.
  • Timeline: fall 2025-2028
  • Cost: $11.6 million
  • Funding source: Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Rockride Lane
  • Project: From SE Inner Loop to Sam Houston Avenue, Rockride Lane will be widened to a two-lane collector road with a center turn lane, according to city officials. This project also includes sidewalks and on-street bike lanes.
  • Timeline: spring 2025-early 2026
  • Cost: $8.6 million
  • Funding source: city of Georgetown 2021 road bond
Scenic Drive and Hwy. 29
  • Project: Two right-turn lanes will be constructed at this intersection on both sides of Hwy. 29.
  • Timeline: February 2024-late 2024
  • Cost: $350,000 (estimated)
  • Funding source: city of Georgetown 2015 road bond
SE Inner Loop
  • Project: This project includes widening SE Inner Loop from Hwy. 29 to Sam Houston Avenue into a four-lane, divided roadway. SE Inner Loop from Sam Houston Avenue to FM 1460 will also be widened to a five-lane, undivided corridor. Additionally, a shared-use path for pedestrians and cyclists will be added. The intersections of SE Inner Loop at Southwestern Boulevard, Wey Hill Drive and Churchill Farms Drive are all proposed to have traffic lights with additional turn lanes, a city spokesperson said.
  • Timeline: summer 2025-2026
  • Cost: $32 million
  • Funding source: city of Georgetown 2021 road bond
Shell Road
  • Project: Work includes implementing additional turn lanes at the intersections of Williams Drive, Skyflower Drive, Madrid Drive, Sycamore Street and Bellaire Drive. A new signal and turn lanes will also be added at Village Commons Boulevard and Rosedale Boulevard. Additionally, 1.12 miles of Shell Road from Williams Drive to Sycamore Street will be widened to a four-lane road with a shared-use path on one side for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Timeline: spring 2024-2026
  • Cost: $19 million
  • Funding source: city of Georgetown 2021 road bond
Wildwood Drive and Williams Drive
  • Project: A lane to turn right from southbound Wildwood Drive onto Williams Drive is planned for this intersection.
  • Timeline: February 2024-summer 2024
  • Cost: $150,000 (estimated)
  • Funding source: city of Georgetown 2015 road bond
Williams Drive and Lakeway Drive/Bootys Crossing Road
  • Project: This intersection has undergone several improvements, including the addition of dedicated turn lanes, which was completed earlier this year.
  • Update: Additional improvements are now planned for this intersection. While the scope of work for the new improvements is still being determined, an additional lane will be implemented on Bootys Crossing Drive southwest of the intersection.
  • Timeline: spring 2024-TBD
  • Cost: $1.1 million
  • Funding source: city of Georgetown 2015 road bond (design), TBD (construction)