Two transportation projects funded by the city of Georgetown and slated to begin in late 2023.

Austin Avenue bridge projects

The city of Georgetown is preparing to start a project to rehabilitate and improve the Austin Avenue bridge and roadway, which crosses over the San Gabriel River. The bridge will be cleaned, repaired and repainted, and crash-test rail will be installed. Additionally, the sidewalk will be removed, existing lanes will be widened and shoulders will be added. A separate pedestrian and bicycle bridge will also be constructed. The city has been planning for and studying potential improvements to the bridge since 2016.

Timeline: late 2023-mid-2025

Cost: $11.5 million

Funding source: 2021 Georgetown mobility bond

DB Wood Road widening

A 1.4-mile portion of the two-lane DB Wood Road from University Avenue to Oak Ridge Road is set to be widened to four lanes. The project’s design makes it a major arterial, adding a shared-use path for bicycles and pedestrians. A separate project will widen a northern section of DB Wood from Oak Ridge to Williams Drive.

Timeline: late 2023-mid-2025

Cost: $18.4 million

Funding source: 2015 Georgetown transportation bond