The ongoing project to add a diverging diamond intersection on the Williams Drive bridge over I-35 is the first of four proposed projects to improve traffic flow through Georgetown’s I-35 crossings.

Georgetown City Manager David Morgan said during the 2023 State of the City presentation Feb. 15 the other three intersections with improvements on the way are I-35 at Hwy. 29, I-35 at Leander Road and I-35 at Westinghouse Road.

He added the Hwy. 29 and Westinghouse Road overpasses will be completely reconstructed, while the Leander Road intersection will receive significant improvements.

Morgan called this both good and bad news for the city, noting that these investments in the roads are needed.

“Over the next multiple years, we are going to have one section of I-35 where one of our roads cross over to be under construction,” Morgan said.

Bradley Wheelis, southwest communications director at TxDOT, said the agency is looking to add innovative intersections at Hwy. 29 and Westinghouse Road, but these intersections would be a different configuration than a DDI.

Wheelis said each of these projects is in the early planning stages, and funding for construction has not been identified.

The Williams Drive DDI is expected to open in late 2024.