The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce handed out its Public Safety Cornerstone award on Sept. 15 to Emergency Services senior director Chris Connealy at a luncheon held at the Sheraton Austin Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center.

“When (Connealy) came to Williamson County, he was ready for anything.” Georgetown Fire Department Chief John Sullivan said at the luncheon before presenting the award. “And ... the guy has so much knowledge and so much ability, yet he’s humble and always willing to learn more.”

Connealy was appointed by the Williamson County Commissioners Court to serve as senior director of Emergency Services in 2018. Over a 40-year career he has overseen both the Houston and Cedar Park fire departments, as well as served as the Texas State Fire Marshal.

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce is in its 12th year of handing out the Cornerstone awards in four key areas: Healthcare, Education, Public Safety and Economic Development.