Georgetown City Council ordered a special election to fill the current District 6 vacancy and an election to submit proposed charter amendments to be held Nov. 2 during its regular July 27 meeting.

Nine propositions will be presented to voters, Georgetown City Attorney Skye Masson said. The proposed amendments include changes to:

  • term limits;

  • council qualifications;

  • council vacancies;

  • rules of procedures;

  • procedures to enact legislation;

  • franchise agreement notifications; and

  • public lead initiative, referendum and recall requirements.

Details of the proposed changes can be found here.

A second reading calling for a charter amendment election will be held Aug. 10

The candidate filing period for District 6 is now open and will close Aug. 16, according to state documents.

To qualify to be a council member, at the time of election to the office an individual must be at least 18 years of age, must be a citizen and qualified voter of the state of Texas and the city of Georgetown and be a resident of the district the individual is interested in representing for at least six months of the last date for filling, according to the city website.

District 6 is vacant due to Rachael Jonrowe resigning July 6 due to personal reasons.

Early voting for the Nov. 2 election will be Oct. 18-29