Georgetown Utility Systems will begin a routine cleaning of the city’s water system April 17, lasting until May 17. Water customers may see brief periods of green or brown tinted water and notice a chlorine odor, according to a city of Georgetown news release.

What residents need to know

The water is safe to drink, according to the news release.

Water companies often change the disinfectant they use annually before it gets warmer. This helps clean the pipes and removes any sediment buildups, according to the release.

The city’s water system typically uses chloramines as a disinfectant. However, the system is periodically cleaned through a process involving only water and chlorine. Chlorine is more effective than chloramine at overall disinfection, according to the release.

The process, called Temporary Free Chlorine Conversion, is a regular system maintenance practice recommended by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. During the conversion period, water will be held well within state and federal drinking standards, the release states.

The city included an important advisory for specific groups:
  • Dialysis patients and centers are advised to make sure all water is properly treated to remove all chemical disinfectants, including chlorine and chloramine, before use in dialysis machines. Water still remains safe to drink by dialysis patients.
  • Water will not be safe for use in fish tanks and aquariums during this conversion period.
  • Pool owners should maintain the same chlorine level in water treated by either chlorine or chloramine to ensure no algae or bacteria growth.
One more thing

During the monthlong conversion period, fire hydrants will be flushed to ensure the disinfectant will reach the entire system. The process will be repeated when converted back to a chloramine system.

Water will be diverted onto lawns and grassy areas for irrigation as well as to avoid damage caused from pressure buildup.

City of Georgetown water customers should not see any continuous drops in water pressure. If low pressure lasts longer than an hour, customers are urged to report the issue to the customer care team at [email protected].