Georgetown City Council approved the adoption of the city’s 2024 strategic plan at a March 12 meeting.

In a nutshell

City Council identified 17 key goals to focus on in 2024 as part of the strategic plan, according to city documents.

The city’s strategic goals and action steps in 2024 will focus on governance, growth, downtown, economic development and risk management, according to city documents.

The details

City Council identified three governance goals as part of the plan, according to city documents, including:
  • Improving information flow on the vision and strategic planning process to boards and commissions
  • Improving opportunities for residents to raise and resolve service issues and/or requests
  • Collaborating with local partners for program support
To achieve those goals, the city plans to:
  • Add training on visions and goals to board orientation, and improve strategic alignment of boards and commissions with year-round training opportunities
  • Develop an enhanced 311-like system to improve resident accessibility to service requests
  • Coordinate and maintain strong relationships with Georgetown ISD and Southwestern on facility planning and potential workforce partnerships
The city identified eight goals and action steps for growth in the city, including:
  • Developing a long-term strategy to adjust city services in response to extraterritorial jurisdiction dis-annexations caused by Senate Bill 2038
  • Promoting public and private partnerships to fund infrastructure needs related to growth and development
  • Completing a full Unified Development Code update
  • Evaluating aquifer storage and recovery strategies as well as potential partnerships
  • Actively developing additional water resources through the city's agreement with utility provider EPCOR
  • Completing a reclaimed water master plan and evaluating treatment of effluent to include in the water supply
  • Improving the response to individuals experiencing mental health crises
  • Creating an expanded water education and enforcement program
City Council identified four initiatives for downtown goals and action steps, including:
  • Developing the downtown master plan implementation to include project prioritization and funding strategies
  • Updating the downtown master plan to address density, historic guidelines and transition zones
  • Working with Williamson County on government facilities plans for downtown
  • Addressing infrastructure needs such as trash collection and street maintenance
The city identified one initiative for economic development, which includes completing an economic development plan and prioritizing an implementation schedule for economic growth, according to city documents.

One initiative related to risk management is also included in the 2024 strategic plan and involves the continued implementation of water and wastewater resiliency improvements for extreme weather to be in compliance with Senate Bill 3, according to city documents.