Roughly 30% of the design for improvements to Garey Park in Georgetown has been completed.

In a nutshell

The upcoming improvements of Garey Park—located at 6450 RM 2243, Georgetown—are considered Phase 2 of development and will take place over the next five years.

Planned improvements include:
  • Adding a trailhead, parking and a restroom at the park entry
  • Interior renovations, a covered patio and additional parking at Garey House
  • Three group cabins as well as a conditioned retreat pavilion, an archery range, RV host site and additional parking
  • Expansion of the Garey Play Ranch, which includes additional pavilions, restrooms and shade
  • A memorial pavilion and amphitheater
  • The addition of an area cover over the equine facility
  • An 18-hole disc golf course
Additional upgrades include paved walkways at the Dog Ranch, and trail and amenity improvements, as well as fencing and a turn lane along RM 2243 at the park entrance.

Parks and Recreation Director Kimberly Garrett said construction is estimated to cost $20.2 million.

Remember this?

After Jack Garey’s death in 2022, Garey Park was named a beneficiary in his will with $20 million to be used toward additional park development. The will states that the funds have to be used within five years of Garey’s death, or by March 2027.

The memorial pavilion, amphitheater, group camping cabins as well as the removal of second growth cedar trees are all specific requirements stated in Garey’s will.

What to expect

Construction for the park improvements is anticipated to start in September 2024, and construction on Garey House is expected to begin in May 2025.

Garrett said bids for construction are scheduled to go out next summer.