At a city council meeting on Sep. 28, Georgetown City Manager David Morgan proposed the erection of a memorial for the 75 pets lost in the fire at the Ponderosa Pet Resort on Sept.18.

The proposed memorial would potentially be erected at the city-owned Bark Park at 151 Holly Street, Georgetown, according to Morgan.

“We recognize those who experienced significant loss and this memorial would be a good way to do that,” Morgan said.

Council suggested the memorial be something functional that both people and animals can enjoy. There will be further discussions on what this will look like and how it will be funded. The original proposal was for $25,000 to be funded for the memorial by the city, but some council members suggested challenging residents of the city of Georgetown to donate for the future memorial.

The city wants to work with the families who lost pets in the fire, but it might take several months before any definitive plan is put in place.

“It’s a very significant loss when someone loses a family member,” council member Tommy Gonzalez said at the meeting. “This memorial is to remind us to do better and make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”