Two additional mosquito traps set up by the Williamson County and Cities Health District returned positive for West Nile Virus near Southwest Williamson County Regional Park, according to a July 16 news release.

The WCCHD added two additional testing sites after the area tested positive July 9. While the two additional traps tested positive, the original sample trap did not, the release said.

“No other samples were found to be positive from routine trapping this week as part of the WCCHD Integrated Vector Management program,” the release said.

The park is located in the area of FM 1431 and CR 175.

Health officials are strongly encourage everyone to remain vigilant about protecting themselves from mosquito bites and about preventing mosquito breeding on their personal property by removing standing water.

WCCHD will continue enhanced monitoring and expanded testing, along with increased public outreach and education, and Williamson County is prepared to take additional action if necessary, the release said.

There have been no reported human cases of West Nile Virus in Williamson County since 2017, the release said. West Nile Virus should not be confused with other mosquito-borne viruses. ​There has been no evidence of mosquitoes transmitting COVID-19, it said.