A path forward for rezoning attendance boundaries in anticipation of two new Georgetown ISD schools opening this fall has been identified, with trustees making the final selection for a boundary adjustment Jan. 16.

What you need to know

Trustees selected options for the adjustment of middle and elementary school attendance boundaries. At the recommendation of district staff, trustees approved Plan 9 for elementary school and Plan 5 for middle school students. District staff said these plans will provide relief to all middle and elementary campuses while rezoning as few families as possible in anticipation of being able to build additional schools. District staff also said they are less drastic than other plans proposed.

Middle School Plan 5

Elementary School Plan 9

How we got here

To address ongoing growth needs of its student population, GISD will open San Gabriel Elementary School and the new Benold Middle School for the 2024-25 school year. Attendance boundaries for the district's elementary and middle schools will be adjusted to reallocate students to each of the district's soon-to-be 11 elementary schools and four middle schools. The old Benold Middle School campus will eventually be repurposed into a new elementary school.

What's next

District staff said parents of middle and elementary school students will be able to request that they are "grandfathered" under the rezoning, allowing them to remain at their current campuses for the 2024-25 school year. Should the request be granted, parents and guardians will be required to provide transportation to and from school. Applications for this exception will become available Feb. 11, with the deadline to apply March 1.

However, students who will begin sixth grade this fall must attend the school they will be zoned to under the new plan.