Georgetown ISD celebrated its students’ and staff’s academic work, and discussed goals for the coming year during its State of the District event March 2.

“Through all of the challenges that were going on out there the past few years, I can say without a doubt we have a team of people who truly live our mission of inspiring and empowering every learner to lead, grow and serve,” Superintendent Fred Brent said. “I've never doubted their commitment to our students and to our families, and I'm thankful for them.”

The event gave students from various programs such as the Eastview Culinary Program, the Logan Family Cosmetology Lab, and the Cooper Elementary Gifted & Talented a chance to discuss and demonstrate their projects.

The event also featured a presentation from Brent who provided updates on the district's and outlined its plans for the future.

"It has been a year since we have been in a room together for the state of the district. There are commitments we made to you and our community around this time last year. These are the things we are mainly committed to, leveraging who we are and what is most important to us to navigate the future," Brent said.

The district’s plans for the 2023-2024 school year is to focus on student learning and growth, student and staff well-being, staff recruitment and retention, and community and connectivity, according to remarks made during the presentation.

Brent stated that Georgetown ISD is closely collaborating with 300 community members and stakeholders to ensure that the district is moving in the right direction. As a part of the process, they have received feedback from over 1,000 people regarding the district's strengths and weaknesses.

“There are things that I am proud of when it comes to Georgetown ISD. I am so proud of our people, academic growth, students, athletics, technical education, fine arts, and our JROTC who just placed second at state and will be heading to nationals. We are doing great things at GISD,” Brent said.

Other projects anticipated for the 2023-2024 year include a new Benold Middle School, construction of Elementary School No. 11, and an Agricultural Barn for East View High School students.

“I'm inspired by our commitment 100 years ago. They said we need a school for our kids, the first school we ever built right here, said Brent, speaking about the Hammerlun Center for Leadership and Learning building. “Our kids need a better opportunity to secure their future and better classrooms. This building is 100 years old, we continue to invest in it and serve the community to guarantee the future of our kids.”