The Georgetown ISD board of trustees approved a $237.8 million budget for fiscal year 2022-23 during a meeting June 20.

The district’s budget consists of $172.8 million for the general fund, $6.9 million for the food service fund and $58 million for the debt service fund. The budget for FY 2022-23 accounts for an estimated 8% student enrollment growth and 93.6% daily attendance rate.

In the general fund, GISD’s net revenue after making $44.5 million in recapture payments to the state is expected to be $177.1 million. Recapture is a set amount property-rich districts pay the state with property tax revenue to be distributed to all schools across the state. This process is intended to give all schools roughly the same amount to pay per child.

Recapture is one of the district's largest expenses in the general fund.

Other notable expenses include $80.8 million for instruction, $15.2 million for maintenance and $8.2 million for school leadership. Funding for salaries includes recommended adjustments from the Texas Association of School Boards and an average 5.1% raise for all teachers.

Additionally, GISD will pay $350,902 for staffing adjustments throughout the district, which accounts for a total staff of 1,902 people.

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