Georgetown ISD is in the process of finalizing a 2022-23 school year calendar based on recommendations of parents, students, staff, the community and the District Performance Committee, GISD Chief Strategists for systems and operations Courtney Acosta said during a May 17 meeting.

Acosta said based on survey results and recommendations, GISD staff established the following priorities:

  • Avoid starting the school year with a full week in August;

  • Avoid having a Thursday/Friday Easter holiday break;

  • Avoid ending semester one after winter holiday break;

  • Keep or add teacher work-time at the end of each six weeks;

  • Distribute breaks evenly; and

  • End school year by Memorial Day

A total of three calendars have been build based on feedback from the DCP, Acosta added.

District staff will bring a final recommendation to the board at the next GISD board workshop either in June 21 or July 19, she said.

In February 2020, the district adopted the school calendars for the academic years 2020-21 and 2021-22. Each year, the district plans to establish the student calendar at least an entire year in advance in order to provide families with greater notice on what to expect the coming years.