A lot was covered during Georgetown ISD’s May 18 board of trustee meeting. Here are five quick things you may have missed.

1. Bond update

GISD Executive Director of Construction and Development David Biseheuvel informed the board that the construction of GISD’s two new elementary schools—Wolf Ranch and Williams—are on schedule and will be ready to open over the summer. Wolf Ranch is on track to be completed by mid-July and Williams is on track to be completed by the end of June, he said. The Ford Elementary School addition is also on track to be completed by the end of May.

2. School lunch prices increase

The GISD board voted to increase paid lunch prices for students in the 2020-21 school year. The price for elementary lunch will be $2.90, up $0.10 cents from $2.80, and the price for secondary lunch will be $3.15, up $0.10 from $3.05. The breakfast prices for elementary and secondary students will remain $1.65 and $1.90, respectively. GISD CFO Pam Sanchez said each fiscal year, paid meal prices are analyzed using the United States Department of Agriculture price adjustment calculator template.

3. Public hearing on FY 20220-21 budget

The board set the public hearing on the 2020-21 fiscal budget for June 15. The board intends to adopt the budget the same day. FY 2020-21 begins July 1.

4. School Health Advisory Council recommended updated human sexuality curriculum

In an information item, GISD Director of Guidance and Wellness David Rainey recommended the board update its human sexuality curriculum, which is taught in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade. The council recommend the school go with the Choose the Best curriculum for sixth grade and Big Decisions curriculum for seventh and eighth grade. While two different curriculums can add continuity issues, Rainey said there is enough overlap between what is taught in the sixth grade curriculum and the seventh grade curriculum to bridge the two together.

Rainey also said the committee stated the reason for the selection was that these curriculums were trauma-informed and did not shame anybody for any past decisions made by them or for them.

5. Healthy Summer Meals

GISD will continue to feed students over the summer through the Healthy Summer Meals for Kids program, which provides no cost meals for kids 18 and younger if they qualify. The summer meals will begin June 1.