Georgetown ISD released its district and school improvement plans Oct. 18. The district plan includes goals and performance objectives for the 2019-20 school year.

GISD listed four goals: developing a future-ready learning experience; improving community engagement; empowering leadership through collaboration and problem-solving; and establishing an innovative culture that encourages risk-taking, diverse thinking and meaningful exploration, according to the document.

Each goal is broken down into objectives and how the district plans to evaluate performance. For details on the district’s strategy, click here.

Each campus also established improvement plans and/or targeted improvement plans with objectives and strategies to achieve each of its goals.

Targeted improvement plans are for schools that received a D or an F on the state accountability rating scores, according to the Texas Education Agency. Those schools include Tippit, Wagner and Forbes middle schools and Cooper, Carver and Frost elementary schools.

Individual school plans can be found here.