Tucked away in Sun City, Mulligan’s can be found attached to the White Wing Golf Club golf shop off Sun City Boulevard, but it is not associated with the club nor the community.

While open for a post-game meal, the restaurant welcomes all diners, not just golfers.

“We’re not just for Sun City,” General Manager Mario Tablas said.

Owner Nels Johnson opened Mulligan’s in September 2018, becoming the third or fourth owner of the space since it opened, Tablas said. Hence the name Mulligan, a golf term for a do-over, which Johnson wanted to accomplish.

This is also the second restaurant for Johnson, a Sun City resident himself who also owns Wriggley’s Pub, an Irish pub also located in Sun City.

Mulligan’s offers “a little bit of everything” with locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients to ensure quality, Tablas said.

Patrons can find Tex-Mex offerings; country-style foods, such as chicken-fried chicken and steak; burgers; salads; and seafood, such as fried shrimp and fried oysters. In addition, the menu has sandwiches, pasta dishes and a large breakfast menu, which it serves until noon daily.

Tablas said the varied menu and competitive prices set the restaurant apart from others in the area. Mulligan’s also offers catering, can host private events and has live music at least two to three times a month, he said.

Tablas, who said he has been working in restaurants for 12 years doing every job there is, said his favorite part is that no days are the same, and he is able to interact with different people each day.

“It’s never just a punch in and leave [job],” Tablas said. “There’s always something different whether it’s the people I’m working with, [or] the guests who are coming in.”


The golf term mulligan means a do-over, or a second try after the first has gone awry, according to the United States Golf Association. There is some debate on the origins of the term, but the story most accepted is that of David Mulligan, who after hitting a poor shot in the 1920s, simply re-teed for another try, amusing those he was playing with. They jokingly began to refer to re-taking a shot as a mulligan.


150 Dove Hollow Trail, Georgetown

512-688-5188 | www.mulligansrestaurant.org

Hours: daily 7 a.m.-8 p.m.