After a decline in unemployment claims for six weeks straight, Georgetown is seeing an uptick in claims once again, according to monthly snapshots provided by the Texas Workforce Commission.

Between Aug. 5 and Sept. 5, Georgetown had 438 residents in the city’s three ZIP codes—78626, 78628 and 78633—file unemployment claims, data shows. In a report that shows the previous four weeks of claims, between July 29 and Aug. 29, 409 residents claimed unemployment. That is an increase of 29 claims or 7.09%.

The one-month unemployment snapshot, however, has dropped significantly from the TWC’s March 16-April 16 report, when Georgetown had 3,113 claims, the highest number of claims within a month since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. This is also the time when businesses began to shut down due to the county’s “Stay Home Stay Safe” orders.

It has been six months since the coronavirus pandemic began in Central Texas in mid-March. After a month of closures in April, businesses reopened in Georgetown on May 1 to varying capacity. While state leaders including Gov. Greg Abbott were pushing for a swift and complete reopening, a summer spike in cases led to a pause in state reopening plans. For a complete list of where businesses reopening stands, click here.

Williamson County is also reporting an increase in unemployment claims, but even so it has dropped to 18th among the Texas counties with highest unemployment count. It previously sat at 16th for several weeks.

Between Aug. 5 and Sept. 5, the county reported 3,110 claims, an increase of 16 total claims from the previous week’s report.

At its peak during the pandemic, Williamson County had 23,211 unemployment claims between March 16 and April 16.

Here is a breakdown of unemployment claims in Georgetown’s three ZIP codes as well as a combination of that data to represent the city. The mapping was developed by the TWC Labor Market and Career Information Department. Data is released weekly highlighting the prior four weeks causing overlap from week to week.

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Population: 34,832

Working population: 17,518

Unemployment claim count: 213

Male: 102

Female: 111


Population: 32,341

Working population: 14,790

Unemployment claim count: 163

Male: 88

Female: 75


Population: 28,080

Working population: 6,614

Unemployment claim count: 62

Male: 34

Female: 28

Georgetown (three ZIP codes combined)

Population: 95,253

Working population: 38,922

Unemployment claim count: 438

Male: 224

Female: 214

Williamson County

Population: 571,610

Working population: 300,059

Unemployment claim count: 3,110

Male: 1,579

Female: 1,528

Gender unknown: 3